Incepted on June 21, 2022, LVG eSports has emerged as a premier professional eSports Organization. Our initial journey began as an eSports sector within Alpha Esports, which eventually led us to collaborate with Yakuza Esports by August of the same year. However, after a fruitful partnership of nearly 11 months, the leadership and players of LVG eSports made a significant decision to function as an independent entity from May 26, 2023.

Throughout our evolution across different eSports clans, the teams and players under LVG eSports have secured numerous triumphs, reinforcing their team spirit. This pursuit of excellence intensified after our resolution to operate independently. Currently, we are not only a persistent presence in local tournaments but have also established our footprint in qualifiers for significant international events.

At LVG eSports, we uphold the conviction that gamers, when bolstered by a dedicated management team and their unwavering commitment, can evolve into professional eSports athletes. Our objective from inception has been explicit: to grant our players broad exposure in the eSports industry, engaging in local competitions while setting our gaze on the international arena.

Our core belief is encapsulated in our tagline “Dare To Dominate”, which serves as our fundamental philosophy. We promote an attitude of striving for excellence and pushing the envelope, foreseeing this ethos reverberating within our organization for countless years ahead.

Meet The Admins

Lila Square

Arunkumar Lilandavaradan

CEO & Founder

Janith Dissanayake

Co-CEO & Head Admin

Loga Square

Jayamini Dushshanthi

Head of Female Wing